"I have worked with Colin for over 2 years back in 2012,  He is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. He knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. I started off  with light cardio workouts and some boxing drills. I was ashamed with my weight of 16st 5 and with doctors telling me to do something with my weight I had to do something. Over the 2 years with colin I started to see results after my 8th week in, the workouts got harder and the pounds fell off and I even found muscles I didn't know exist. Now in 2014 I feel great and look fabulous. I'm even proud to say that I'm 12st 2. (Yes I lost over 4st) Thank You!!!!

Highest recommendation."    

Paula Harris, Dromara


“Colin is personable and has a lot of integrity. Having worked with other personal trainers, I can say that Colin is one of the best."    

I was always fit but my strength put I'm down. Colin introduced me to Trx with at first I was sceptical, but after 15 minutes into the workout I was feeling the burn. 1 year later and BOOM, I've got a 6 pack and love it...

Thanks buddy for all your help and good luck with the new studio. Wish I lived closer.

Tim Smalling, Banbridge


 "Outstanding master of his craft; incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge; expert in running, weight training, martial arts; and a warm, spontaneous personality that make workouts fun. Colin is brimming with the brains to help anyone achieve the brawn. He’s the real deal in an industry full of wannabees and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured."     


Marty Hamilton, Lisburn


    "After having my third child in July 2013 I was so fed up of being overweight, I knew things had to change.

Obviously the baby came first so I continued with my bad diet and no exercise. Fast forward two years and I'd reached an all time high of close to 13 stone and a clothes size 18!! I was tired and grumpy all the time and when a friend suggested I come along to the local Boxercise class I was very apprehensive!

The first step through the doors was the hardest but definitely the best thing I've done. Colin the instructor was friendly and welcoming and I soon got the hang of things. Yes it was tough but each week I could feel myself progressing. That was a year and a half ago, with his class and eating a lot better (but not counting calories) I'm now at my healthiest weight of very close to 10 stone and the proud owner of a size 12 body!!

      I have so much more energy now and some much needed self confidence! Now that Colin has opened his studio I have such a range of classes to choose from, I'm currently loving Circuits, Total Core workouts and of course Boxercise!!!

My journey to becoming fitter and leaner continues........... It all started with that first step through the door.

Catherine Glover,  Ballygowan.



Love to see progression in clients. This young woman came and joined Optimum Fitness in October 2017. A bit of a chatter box with a heart of gold. Imagine not getting more than 5 sit up and after a few months of classes smashing them out. (Over 20 in 30 seconds now..Boom)
It amazes me when people say I cant do that and after some attempts and pushing those muscles each week and watching them progress, puts a big smile on my face, just knowing that if you train hard and listen to the coach/instructor you can conquer anything.
This girl has abs she thought is impossible to get. Feels so much stronger, fitter and healthier.


If you want to change your lifestyle, call today, its never to late for that moment.